ebook: Burn Morels - A Modern Forager's Guide to Finding Mushrooms


Every spring under the right conditions, thousands of morel mushrooms carpet charred forest floors West of the Rockies. With the proper information you can become a pro at finding these culinary delights!

The ebook provides a 101 introduction to burn morel hunting with an overview of the following topics:

Burn Morels vs. Naturals, Flushes, Forest Service Rules, Pre-Trip Map Research, Portable Tech, Topo Maps, Weather, Elevation, Aspect, Trees, Natural Indicators, Tools & Gear, Harvesting, Safety & more.

The right burns are very hard to locate. Yet it’s imperative to know where to go before you leave on a burn morel hunt. Each year we spend many hours compiling and studying burn map data for the sole purpose of morel hunting. This e-book will teach you how to locate ideal morel burn sites by studying the maps.

Finding the maps in this case will be up to you!

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**This ebook is best paired with our curated burn morel maps. Available for Colorado OR as a set for California, Oregon, Washington, Montana & Wyoming. If you'd like to purchase the map/book set, please visit the Burn Morel Maps section of our website. 


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