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Oregon, Washington, Idaho and California Burn Site Morels

Morels love a good burn. In fact, they love year old burn sites so much that commercial hunters flock to the Pacific Northwest every year to haul in hundreds of pounds of mushrooms. You too can learn to locate the burns that will produce more morels than you can imagine. Families of morels grow throughout the charred forest floors of the Pacific Northwest – in and around downed trees, in soil depressions, buried in dry pines needles, in moist environs. It’s not uncommon to fill a five gallon bucket in 3-4 hours in the right burn.

The right burns are very hard to locate. Yet it’s imperative to know where to go before you leave for the hunt. Each year we spend many hours compiling and studying map data weeks before we head West. This e-book will teach you how to use Google Maps and US Department of Interior burn data to locate and map ideal morel burn sites. You’ll also learn how to read and understand elevation. Burn morels spore in elevation rings based upon ground temperature and moisture levels. We’ll discuss forest types, accessibility, necessary permits, lands where you can and cannot hunt, natural indicators, portable technology and much more.

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We even provide you with our own coveted 2017 (OR, WA, ID, CO) & 2018 (OR, CA, WA, ID) Google burn maps 

 2018 UPDATE

We are including:

  • Curated 2018 Oregon Morel Fire Map – We have sorted through the fires, removing many poor choices and also fires in Wilderness areas that are inaccessible (and unlawful) for picking.  We also picked out about 20 of our favorite fires and provided details on 10 of our most favorite fires.
  • Curated 2018 Washington Morel Fire Map – 15 forest fires from the 2017 fire season that are worth checking out in 2018
  • 2018 Idaho Forest Fire Map – A sorted map that shows 13 forest fires from 2017
  • 2018 Northern California Forest Fire Map – A sorted map that shows 27 of the best 2017 fires on a Google map for you!
  • Member’s Only Blog Post: 10 Best Fires in Oregon
  • Member’s Only Blog Post: 9 Best Early Season Fires in Northern California

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