Burn Morel Maps and E-Book

Burn Morels: A Modern Forager’s Guide to Finding Mushrooms

2020 Burn Morel Maps

Our burn maps are curated, meaning we have spent hours sorting through the fires – removing many poor choices and also fires in areas that are inaccessible (and unlawful) for picking. Additionally, we have chosen 10-20 top picks and have provided details and tips on each of these burns. Unabridged maps containing all fires will be included.

The maps show fires and their perimeters using a Google Map rendering engine. This includes a satellite basemap and a hybrid terrain basemap (topo + roads).

Additionally, we are offering USFS and USGS overlays on most maps.  Use the USFS especially for more accurate road information than Google.

Downloadable files and mobile app options are not included with the base maps, but will be available for an additional fee for hunters who require this functionality. 


Every spring under the right conditions, thousands of morel mushrooms carpet charred forest floors West of the Rockies. With the proper information you can become a pro at finding them!

The right burns are very hard to locate. Yet it’s imperative to know where to go before you leave on a burn morel hunt. Each year we spend many hours compiling and studying burn map data for the sole purpose of morel hunting. This burn morels e-book will teach you how to use our curated maps to locate ideal morel burn sites. We’ll also give you an idea of how we do it using Google maps and US Department of Interior burn data. The ebook provides an overview of elevation, forest types, accessibility, necessary permits, lands where you can and cannot hunt, natural indicators, portable technology and much more.

The Burn Morels E-book is included with all of our maps!

(36 page PDF download + Digital Burn Map Access)

Available Maps (all include E-book)

$39 – All States: 2020 Curated Morel Fire Maps 

  • Alaska – Perimeters and details for 300+ fires in our Alaska map.  
  • Arizona – We found nine A rated fires in Arizona. 
  • California – We picked out the top five fires – two of them stood out and seem worth the visit. 
  • Colorado – Colorado has three fires we like. Notably the Decker fire near Salida.
  • Idaho –  The Nethker burn especially caught our eye as a top choice in the state.
  • Montana – We selected 4 fires but the pickings were slim.  
  • New Mexico – We handpicked 6 burns in New Mexico with excellent terrain and elevation.  
  • Oregon – We found 25 fires in Oregon that looked interesting across the state and narrowed it down to 10 worth a visit.
  • Utah – 8 fires in Utah made our list of top rated fires. Two of them (Peavine Canyon and Skull Flat) are 5ish square miles each so are quite huge.   
  • Washington – Nothing in Washington stood out to us.
  • Wyoming – same as Washington.
  • British Columbia, Canada – Lots of data, lightly curated, with many fires removed. (Note: USFS & USGS maps not available in Canada.)

**We also provide access to unabridged maps which show ALL fires in these states.

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