Salt Point State Park in February

Mid-Winter Blues What is the best way to get over the mid-winter foraging blahs when you live in Colorado? Fly to Oakland, rent a small car on Turo, and shoot up to Salt Point State Park for a [...]

2018 Morel Hunting Maps

Morels in the West The 2017 fire season is over: it was a huge and destructive season. Now we begin preparing for one of the fire’s benefits: morel mushrooms. 2018 promises to be an [...]

Huckleberry Heaven

We had another first on our trip to the Oregon coast: huckleberries! Huckleberry bushes in and around the dunes were still laden with juicy berries at the end of November. These coastal berries [...]

Low and Slow for Black Trumpets

Oregon Thanksgiving Hunt This year we were lucky enough to visit friends in Eugene for the holidays. We spent most of the week camping in Reedsport, OR where the mushrooms and dungeness crabs [...]

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